Just who is behind this HTOOOS site?

Just someone that wanted to build websites and use my creative talents.  Here I can post whatever I want and allow family and friends a mild form of entertainment. Basically - whatever floats my boat for the time being!

I was raised in Wethersfield, CT and went onto learn Computer programming at a local technical school (Morse School of Business back in 1986-87), then again in 2002-04 at Branford Hall.

Since then - there have been a few name changes;  many many changes of residences (Cromwell, West Hartford, Enfield, Florida, Newington, Middlefield, Westbrook and finally Clinton); as well as jobs (Two Legs Jeans Store, McDonald's, Aetna, Vantage, Edward's,  Phoenix, " NFO" ,  and now.....back at Aetna!!!).



Dad passed away in 1995, Mom still lives in the original homestead (a.k.a. "17").   My sisters and brother are all married off and have added 4 adorable nieces to the family!

I still live in Connecticut in a townhouse with my cats...Neakers is no longer with me after 18 years....but St. patty's Day will always call for a toast to the old guy!

now I have Sweet Lucy and Cassie - they enjoy each others company and terrorize each other when I am not home.  And they do SOMETHING with my socks - what ?  I don't know - all I know is that I am missing alot of socks and no one is talking! 



and then there's  Cassie....

see why I got Cassie?