For my own reasons - I now concealing my employers identity. 

Those who know me know who it is I work for - for kicks and grins let's just say that I obtain a paycheck from "NFO" ( Nancy's Financial Oar).

This PFO is kinda like the TV show M*A*S*H. 

 The real war  lasted three years but the series went on and on and on. 


  When I started here 3 years ago - the PFO was to be fully live by this time.  But now - it goes on and on and on.  

The leaders change for one reason or another - just like when Henry got killed going home. 

The cast of M*A*S*H was all stuck at the 4077th day in and day out - and the bodies kept coming.

We are all stuck up the xxth floor (for one reason or another) and the problems keep coming. 

We drag ourselves in here day after day.

 M*A*S*H characters asked for things like medical supplies and blankets so they could do their jobs.

We have asked for FileAid, AbendAid, other tools training and additional staff ....and what do we get?  I think you can figure out the answer to that!


I began my journey into the project from hell 3 (count 'em - THREE ) years ago. 


 Being in the IT world for the past 19 years - and working at places referred to as "sweatshops" - the PFH (Project from Hell) at NFO is by far - the worst one me and my counterparts have EVER  been on!!

   Yes - yes the PFO has surpassed the DFO (Divorce From Hell)!


WE have been putting in looong hours and sucking down oodles of caffeine......  Despite it all - us programmers are

                                 coding away dilligently


&  doing the best we can .....  


Tempers are flaring this week and when all is said and done - who know who will still be standing.  

 No matter what my counterparts say - we all  know who the REAL superstars are! well as  who the real duds are....


Anyone want to put in there two cents?

I welcome your comments, stories, contributions, anecdotes and will post them up here pending my review of the content!!  


"Poor Planning on Your Part Does Not Constitute an Emergency on Mine"



All I have is a $20 - can you make change?


  "Pulling a Grodsky"  
  "Denial is NOT just a city in Egypt"    
  "Saw my friend Uma at lunch today"


  "They really are going to cram a square peg into a round hole - without vaseline...."    
  How do we get into FileAid?  
  How is your blood pressure today?  
  06275 -->    <-- you what will be hitting.....    

  Which will happen first? The New Haven Coliseum completely demolished?    
  The Q-Bridge completely rebuilt?    
  PFO runs live and without a net at NFO?