hino Attitude!



What do you get when you cross an elephant with a rhinoceros?



A Tale of Sally the Rhino:



Once upon a time there was a lonely female Rhino  

named Sally.......


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the Basic Facts



 Sally  was very sad  when she

 recalled all that had happened to her sibling Rhino's


Many Rhinos can be found in South Africa


How long have Rhinos roamed the Earth?  This site will tell ya.....

Sally went out in search of new Rhino friends

There is an

 International Rhino Foundation

 as well as a campaign

to Save the Rhinos from Extinction!


one day she ran into a Rhino on a Trampoline ....

(how he got up there we will NEVER know! )


Many Businesses use the Rhino as their trademark -

look at Rhino Records ,

 a Cad Software company ,

  a company that creates interactive education for children ,


The Trampoline Rhino told Sally the tale of the Rhino with the wiggly ear he saw rolling in the mud



Later that day the same wiggly Ear Rhino

was spotted with her baby 


Using Rhino's for a logo is

more popular than one might think - there is also a Soccer Team,

 a Rugby Team ,

a Theatre ,

 a Newspaper

Sally ate her lunch as she

spotted a strapping studly rhino

out of the corner of her eye.....


a Book ,

 and even a film


 What is a Black Rhino?


Sally recalled her mothers advice

 and decided to charge after the strapping Black Rhino!


What is a Rhino Beetle?


Not soon after - Sally & Lewis

 had a family of their own!


Or maybe some

 figurines or Rhino Crossing Signs?

  Ya never know when one may be on your street!

The END!

Have a Delightful Day!!