Grove Beach Point

One of Connecticut Shoreline's private beach associations, Grove Beach Point is located in Westbrook adjacent to the Menunketesuck River.

My family has had a cottage there since 1973. Growing up I spent every summer there and now it is a joy to see my nieces enjoying the cottage and the beach as I once did - and still do! My dad passed away in 1995 - and that Father's Day I planted a Dogwood tree in his honor.

OK - well the tree has since died from some creepy Dogwood Fungus ....* SHEESH! *

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Click here for an Aerial Photo of the Grove Beach Area....If you ZOOM waaay the left of the Menunketesuck can see the remains of the old Shoreline Electric Railway.  It was an Trolley service that ran back from 1910 to 1919  The Railway ran in the gully between Mohawk Road and Wangum Road....westward towards Grove Beach Road North, behind Dairy Queen is the Street -Trolley Ave.  Eastward over the river, the Railway extended out to what is now Trolley Road and Trolley Road Extension....over behind the firehouse.  

One thing that is well - really neat is seeing how un-developed the area was in 1934.....versus today.



The cottage has changed much over the years!



The Cottage was built after the Great Hurricane of 1938.  Word has it that it was built from spare parts of homes that were destroyed in the Hurricane.  The September 21 1938 Hurricane was a Category 5 and had no name - since that was a time before NOAA started naming Hurricanes.  It has been referred to as the Long Island Express.


Here are some links to the story and photos of the Great Hurricane:


Who owned/lived in the cottage from 1940 to the early 1970's is a mystery to me.   Dad bought the place in 1973 from John Ganley.




sometime in the 1980's we painted it from GOLD to GREY - I cannot locate a photo of 47 when it was color.







We love our beach!

~circa 1998~


~circa 2009~